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Northwoods Musky Reports Return To WJJQ And All Podcast Platforms In May

“Steve Heiting’s Northwoods Musky Report” will return to WJJQ Radio on May 2 and run for 22 weeks through September.

During the fishing season, anglers in Wisconsin’s northwoods can listen to new musky reports from Thursday through Sunday on Northwoods 92.5, WJJQ Radio of Tomahawk, Wisconsin, or stream them at wjjq.com. Segments become available on all podcast platforms Monday morning. 

“I have a lot of fun bringing my radio reports to anglers everywhere,” Heiting said. “I run into musky anglers all the time who listen to the reports, and their enthusiasm makes it all worthwhile.”

The reports are usually less than four minutes in length. Heiting’s reports discuss current conditions, patterns and tricks for musky anglers, and highlight upcoming musky fishing events in the northwoods. 

Mepps, the manufacturer of “The World’s #1 Lure,” of Antigo, Wisconsin, has signed on as the program’s title sponsor for the fourth consecutive year. 

To listen to archived reports on Anchor, click here. To listen on Spotify, click here.




University of Esox To Conduct
One School For 2024 Season

When Fishing Hall of Famers Jim Saric and Steve Heiting launched the University of Esox Musky Schools in 1996, they had no idea they would still be conducting the events nearly 30 years later. But a growth spurt in musky fishing occurred during that time and students are still signing up. 

“Our mantra has always been to ‘fish hard, fish smart,’ and there is no shortage of anglers who want to become better at their sport,” said Saric, host of “The Musky Hunter” TV show and former publisher of Musky Hunter magazine. “Our goal is to shrink their learning curve and help them improve as musky fishermen.”

Saric and Heiting will conduct one school in 2024 — the Summer Musky Tactics session at St. Germain Lodge near St. Germain, Wisconsin, June 7-9.

A “musky” is the shortened term for the muskellunge, the largest freshwater predator fish in North America. The word “esox” is derived from the Latin name for muskellunge — esox masquinongy. “We felt it was fitting to include that in the name of our schools,” said Heiting, now a northwoods guide after working as managing editor of Musky Hunter magazine for more than 27 years. “We try to convey to the people with whom we work to become lifelong students of the sport.”

Schools combine classroom seminars with fishing, and are held at premier resorts and facilities. Students are encouraged to ask questions during multimedia classroom sessions, which are conducted in an informal atmosphere. A low instructor-to-student ratio is maintained as the school has only 23 openings. Saric and Heiting are assisted by a variety of guides at both schools, including fellow resort owner Rob Manthei.

More than 3,000 muskies have been caught at University of Esox schools, which have been attended by nearly 2,000 anglers.

Dan Hedman (left) caught this big musky at the Summer Musky Tactics school in 2023. It was his first musky. He is seen with instructor Steve Heiting.

Important data from all muskies caught is recorded as students are taught to use previous catch data to predict future musky fishing outings. “Being the apex predator, muskies are low in number in any water so they can beextremely unpredictable. However, if you recognize the same conditions in which you have previously succeeded, you can often fish in the same manner and replicate your success,” Saric explained.

Numerous giant muskies have been caught during University of Esox events, up to 54-1⁄2 inches in length. “Even more importantly,” Heiting noted, “is no musky has ever been kept at one of our schools. We not only teach our students to be better musky fishermen, but to be respectful of other anglers and the musky resource. Every school we conduct includes a seminar on catch and release practices.”

Saric and Heiting have developed friendships with many of their past students, and regularly receive photos of their musky fishing successes. “That’s what makes our schools so much fun for us as instructors,” Saric said. “It doesn’t get any better than when somebody takes something they learned at one of our schools and catches a big musky, whether it happens at the school they attended or five years later. It’s all about people enjoying themselves fishing for muskies.”

For more about the University of Esox, click here.




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