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Steve Reviews St. Croix’s New 10-Foot Rods

Musky fishermen have been calling for 10-foot rods, and St. Croix has answered with three new one-piece offerings in its Legend Tournament series. Steve Heiting had a chance to field-test the rods during a recent fishing trip.

The verdict? He liked them, but their greater length will require some adjustments by the angler.

For Steve’s review of the new 10-footers, click here.



Steve’s Musky Mastery Back In Print

ST. GERMAIN, Wisconsin — The book that taught musky fishermen there is more to success than simply putting in “time on the water” is again available in print.

Musky Mastery: The Techniques of Top Guides, is now available in a 25th anniversary edition.
Musky Mastery: The Techniques of Top Guides, is now available in a 25th anniversary edition.

During the 1991 fishing season, Steve Heiting set out to explain how to catch the so-called “fish of 10,000 casts” by every technique, from fly-fishing in the spring through livebait in the fall. Rather than rely on his own experiences, Heiting interviewed and fished with the best musky guides of the time, and revealed their secrets in his 1992 book, Musky Mastery: The Techniques Of Top Guides. Now, a quarter century later, Musky Mastery has been re-released in a 25th anniversary edition.

“The original publisher of Musky Mastery sold out four printings of the book, but it’s been off the market for nearly 15 years,” Heiting said. “During that time, thousands of new musky anglers have entered the sport, and I have received many requests for copies. In 2014, I brought Musky Mastery back as an e-book, and the sales have been so good in that format I was convinced to bring it back in print.”

The names of the guides included in Musky Mastery read like a who’s who of musky fishing: Joe Bucher, Steve Herbeck, George Langley, Roger Sabota, Bruce Shumway, Brian Long, Dave Dorazio, Pete Maina, Gene Curtis, Dick Moore and the late Peter Haupt. The information they revealed was so cutting-edge it remains valid even today.

Through the book’s descriptive narrative, readers can “join” the author as he fishes with each of the guides, utilizing the techniques which made them famous and documenting the results of each unique adventure.

In the preface to the new edition, Heiting takes a retrospective look at the changes in musky fishing during the past 25 years and asks where the sport will be 25 years from now. The new edition also includes “where are they now” information about each of the featured guides.

The 160-page softcover book is packed with 68 photos of the guides in action. Musky Mastery is available for $19.95 plus $3.99 shipping & handling. To buy an autographed copy of Musky Mastery from this site, click here. It is also available muskyhunter.com, select northwoods bookstores, and from Amazon.com. The e-book version is available by clicking here.

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