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Canada Musky Adventure School
Next Up For Steve Heiting 

The University of Esox’s annual Canada Musky Adventure school will be held July 13-20 and will feature a room full of students hungry to learn about musky fishing in Canada.

“I can’t wait to get to Lake of the Woods,” said Steve Heiting, who is co-owner of the University of Esox with Musky Hunter TV host Jim Saric. “We’ve often called it ‘Lake of the Muskies’ because it has so many fish. Plus, the shot at a giant is always there.”

The school features 15 hours of seminars wrapped around a week of musky fishing. It’s held at Sandy’s Blackhawk Island camp in LOTW’s Northwest Angle.

“Bill and Cindy Sandy and their families do a terrific job hosting this school,” Heiting said. “The food and service are incredible, and the resort is as nice as any you’ll find in Canada.”

Seminars focus on Canada musky tactics for summer. Students learn to navigate on a giant body of water and hunt for the muskies there. 

Steve, Jim and Kevin Schmidt host twice-daily information-sharing sessions so that everyone stays dialed into the patterns as they evolve during the week. “Nobody is left on their own,” Steve said. “It’s really cool with people sharing patterns. When you work together, you catch more muskies.”

A handful of openings remain in the school, so you could still sign up. For more information about the University of Esox Musky Schools, click here.

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