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Steve Adds Bonus Tips To “Musky Tips” Video Lineup

“Steve Heiting’s Musky Tips,” a series of weekly segments offering ways to improve as a musky angler, are finished for 2023 — but Steve has added a new series of Bonus Tips. 

“My bonus tips are even shorter and won’t follow any particular schedule,” Steve explained. “They will offer tips that can help any musky angler as well as showcase some of my partners’ products.” 

The first bonus tip addresses what you should do with your net before you unhook your musky. “There are some commercial products on the market to ‘save your net,’ but my idea is quick, effective, and requires no cost,” Steve explained.

As with Steve’s regular Musky Tips, the bonus tips will go live simultaneously on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Stealth Tackle is title sponsor for the series for all of Steve’s video tips.

Steve produces 15 Musky Tips each year. They are short and fast-hitting, and only two to four minutes in length. They combine on-the-water footage of fishing techniques and tackle discussion with video of musky action. 

“By no means am I calling this a ‘TV show’,” Steve explained. “Rather, it’s my attempt to help viewers out with questions they may have about the sport.

“Nothing like this was available when I started musky fishing, and a lot of what I knew early in my career was self-taught through a lot of trial and error. I never forgot how hard it was to get started, and my whole career has been dedicated to helping share knowledge of this great sport with others.

You can view and subscribe to Steve Heiting’s Musky Tips by clicking here.

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