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The third season of Steve Heiting’s Musky Tips, a series of video tips offered on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, will premier January 15, Steve has announced.

“I’m having an absolute blast doing this,” Steve said. “My goal is to help others become better musky anglers, and my tips are focused solely on that goal.” 

Click on the image to view Steve’s 2024 Musky Tips trailer.

Steve recently posted a trailer for his 2024 Musky Tips. To view it, click on the image at right.

Steve’s tips are typically less than five minutes in length. He vows not to post any clickbait or ridiculous antics on his videos just to get you to watch. “I realize everyone’s time is valuable, so I keep my tips focused and to the point,” Steve said. “In each tip I introduce the topic, and then use musky fight footage and video demonstrations, with voice overs, to teach the points being made.”

Stealth Tackle has again signed on as title sponsor of Steve’s Musky Tips. To view Stealth’s full lineup, click here.

Tips will drop at 7 a.m. Central on Mondays for 15 weeks starting January 15. 

Steve recommends viewers subscribe on YouTube so they don’t miss an episode. “I’m slowly building a reference library for musky anglers,” Steve said. “With this season, I’ll have 45 regular tips posted, plus my Bonus Tips which I release in the summer. I hope you enjoy them, and even better, catch a few extra muskies because of them.”

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