The Traveling Musky Hunter

By Steve Heiting Why on Earth would a Wisconsinite travel to go musky fishing? After all, nowhere else are there as many musky waters in such close proximity as in this state. Incredibly, there exist more than 350 musky lakes within a 60-mile radius of the little town of St. Germain in Vilas County! There…Continue Reading

Musky Opener Minnowbait Magic

By Steve Heiting Year in and year out, minnowbaits account for a large percentage of the muskies in my boat, including some of the largest. Their strike-triggering characteristics make them effective from the musky opener all the way until ice-up. Minnowbaits produce fish whether the muskies are on the prowl or are turned off, and…Continue Reading

Does Color Really Matter With Musky Baits?

By Steve Heiting The term “every color of the rainbow” doesn’t apply to fishing lures, especially those designed for muskies. Lure manufacturers today offer far more options than even Mother Nature ever dreamed. When I started fishing for muskies, lure colors were available in basic colors or those matching the color schemes of natural forage…Continue Reading

6 Steps To A Fast Start To Your Musky Season

By Steve Heiting Quite frankly, there were times during June of 2014 when I wondered if I would ever catch another musky. For the second consecutive year, the northern part of the musky’s range experienced late ice-outs, which essentially delayed the whole musky “season” by a month. For several difficult weeks, the regulations book said it…Continue Reading

Unleash The Magic Of Jerkbaits

By Steve Heiting By themselves, musky jerkbaits are nothing more than painted wood (or plastic) and steel, with little or no built-in action. But on the line of an experienced angler, that same jerkbait can be pure magic. As effective as jerkbaits can be, they tend to be misunderstood. If you use them on days…Continue Reading

Release A Musky Right

By Steve Heiting Many of us yearn for the “good old days,” but that time is now in the sport of musky fishing. Stocking has expanded the fish’s range, and catch-and-release is widely accepted by musky anglers. Thanks to these positive factors, it’s very likely there are more 50-inch and better muskies now than ever…Continue Reading

Musky Mythbusters

By Steve Heiting Perhaps it’s because they may attain enormous size or maybe it’s because they are so rarely caught, but more myths and lore surround the musky than any other freshwater gamefish. Even the great outdoor writer, Gordon MacQuarrie, helped elevate the musky to legendary status more than 60 years ago when he opined…Continue Reading

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