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MUSKIES: An Early Season Formula For Success

Eight muskies in a day, a couple of times. Certainly several sevens. And lots of 6- and 5-fish days. A check of my fishing records for the past few years reveals a striking pattern of multiple musky days early in the season, so much so that I can say with full conviction that if you want to catch a musky, spring is the time to do it. Continue Reading

Go With The Glow

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s being outfished. My ego isn’t big enough that I have to outfish others, but it dictates that my effort must at least be respectable. And the results from my boat were anything but that. Continue Reading

A Foundation for Success: The Concept of Garages

Fifty-two inches is a lot of musky, and by the time the last bit of its tail paddled off into the gloom, my boat had drifted to the structure from which the fish had roared out. Kevin Schmidt and I paused in the middle of our celebratory high-fives to peer over the side and gawk at the arrangement of boulders. Continue Reading

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